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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is your Diet like?
With us you are not dieting. You are eating healthy. We are against dieting which can deprive you of essential nutrients resulting in ruining your health. Our diet plans are designed to get you a much healthier and leaner body without resorting to crash diets or mono diets.

With these methods you might lose weight quite fast but it can be dangerous for your overall health. We promote healthy lifestyle through our totally balanced diet plans. They will make your days very fresh and energetic.
How can i contact you in case i have any queries or if i want to change something in the diet plans?
Dashboard/Call and Chat support will be available between 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday) in this website itself.
How much weight can I expect to lose?
We are different from each other similarly the weight loss also varies from person to person. Our aim is to achieve a consistent weight loss which is sustainable. We are against crash dieting. Many factors decide how much weight you will lose. They are :-
  1. How receiptive you are to your diet plan
  2. Your age
  3. Activity level
But generally a person (woman) loss about (2-4) kgs per month. However you can lose more than that also.
Will I feel hungry or weak while following your plan?
Our motto is to make you lose weight without starving or feeling weak. We provide you with ample options of food items to be taken anytime during the day to satiate your hunger pangs. You will feel very energetic, devoid of any weakness.
What if I do not lose weight with your plan?
You have accumulated fat in many years likewise it will take at least 8-10 days after starting with your diet plan, when you will be able to notice some changes in your body. If you follow religiously then it is definite that eventually you will lose weight.
Are there any special foods involved with the program?
We provide with some basic home cooked and simple food items. There are no special foods that you need to buy additionally nor any products.
Will i be able to maintain my ideal weight?
Sure, we have engineered a personalized program to suit each of our clients to follow. We also provide extra support if any of you may need.
Why is it harder to lose weight each time you gain it back?
Because, whichever way the scale moves back whether through crash diet or exercise or with combination of both, muscle loss also happens resulting in slow metabolic rate. Strength training with weights throughout the weight loss period can prevent muscle loss up to some extent. When you regain weight you will most likely put on more fat than the muscle, which reduces the percentage of lean body mass. Hence slower metabolic rate than prior to weight loss.

It is known as Yo-Yo effect; so the trick is to maintain your new weight with lots of resolve and rigor as you had while you dropped your excess weight. Remember, being healthy is most important. It cannot be bargained with losing few kilos. Chronic Yo-Yo dieting throughout your life can cause damage to the heart.
Why do i lose weight in summer and regain it back in winters?
Ask yourself, how you lost weight in the first place. Maybe that is the key solution to your problem. It might work well now also. More you adopt it as your way of life the more are the chances of your maintaining it throughout life. Women who have been successfully maintaining their weight loss are totally aware of their food choice, exercise regularly and have a strong support network. They share their success stories with others to motivate them.
Do you also offer weight gain package?
Absolutely: Our services also reach out to those who want to gain weight. Everyone dreams of achieving an ideal weight. We help them to conquer that dream.
How will you and i know that i am making a progress?
Your body will speak for itself. You will lose inches from waist. Your clothes will be fitting loose. You will feel lighter, energetic and fresh than ever. If all these things are happening then rest assure you are on the right track. Your weighing scale may or may not shift but your body will start to take shape you desired.
However if you experience loss of energy, starving, drowsiness and losing weight on scale then you are probably losing more than fat. This website is dedicated for this purpose.
How do i track my progress efficiently?
Stop weighing yourself daily – Daily fluctuations will mess with your motivation.
Take body measurements – Neck, Chest, Waist, Hips. Waist should go down.
See if your clothes fitting change. If they are lose, you are doing it right.
Check body fat measurements every 2 weeks and compare.
Are potatoes, bread & rice fattening?
In the last few years prevalent trend is to have low carb diet to keep in shape, so, low carb diet has been in trend although actual culprit is excess calories which ultimately increase weight. Scientifically we don’t have any evidence that these foods add to weight.
In fact the problem arises when we add fat to these carb rich foods which boost up the calorie content such as butter on toast, cream sauces with paste and frying potatoes for various cuisines. So, how to savor the taste while maintaining one right balance of calories?
Well; opt for brown rice, whole meal bread, wheat, pasta, switch to tomato based sauce instead of all these cream sauces. Best part of switching to these variants is that they will keep you filled up for longer time and keep hunger pangs at bay.
What happens if i deviate from prescribed plan?
To err is human, but we are there to support you. As soon as you switch back to your diet plan you will be back on track.
How do your diet plan differs from others?
We have hundreds of National & International clients who can vouch for us but the best way is to try it yourself and see!!!
I need to reduce 10 kilos in a month?
It is not safe to play with your health. Your body requires lot of calories to maintain the weight you already have. If we cut down drastically on calorie intake it will adversely affect your health. We do not resort to such gimmicks. Our diet charts will help you to lose in a healthy way without starving you. Your metabolism & immunity system will also work better.
Will you make my plan as per my likes and dislikes?
When we ask you to reveal your preferences of food, we want you to ascertain how to fit into your mold of preferences. That does not mean that we want you to eat whatever you like. That you are doing already. We want you to eat right, that is why you need us.
My intake of food is little less. I work for more than 9 hours and have a small child... This way i feel fatigue ... What do i do?
Your plan is designed keeping in view your per day calorie requirement & your health condition.
We devise a five meal plan for you but if you still feel hungry then you can divide the same plan into 7 parts.
Remember, each time you feel hungry, try to have small portions of fruits like oranges, watermelon, kharbooja, apples and small helping of roasted dry diet snacks.
Does eating before bed make you gain weight?
Depends on what you eat.
Weight loss happens when there is perfect balance between calorie intake and calories burnt. Snacks at night are okay if you are not consuming more calories than what you are supposed to have. But in most of the cases these late night hunger pangs result in consumption of something totally unhealthy in larger quantities. So, the solution is to have small regular meals during day time, so that you don’t feel starved or hungry at night.
It is recommended that if you are to opt for late night snack or it is mandatory for you to have food with medication, then, try to keep it below 200 calories. Once you cross over 300 calories it’s like another meal added. Some healthy options can be low fat yogurt or cereal or a low fat pudding to satisfy sweet tooth.
Does eating breakfast help you lose weight?
A healthy breakfast is a must if you want to keep your body in good metabolic rate. If you skip your breakfast, your body will feel starved, sending it to into “conserve” mode and slowing the metabolic rate. Researches show that people who have breakfast are at healthier body weights. Why, because breakfast speeds up the metabolism and keeps the appetite under check. Skipping breakfast will make you feel hungry throughout the day resulting in choosing unhealthy meal options.
Do i have to count calories/ proteins/ fat?
Though many people do it but it is not mandatory. Most people cease to do so after some time. Best way is to write down everything you consume in a diary. That way you will come to know about your eating habits.
My diet don't succeed because i can't give up sweets. Can i have low calorie sweets?
Yes, but read food labels to find them. You have to make sure that the food items should not contain more than 150 calories per serving and should not contain added sugar and sodium. Be careful about the size of serving so that you do not consume excessive calories. Switch over to sweets which will also provide you with some nutrients along with satisfying your sweet cravings. The good options can be Yogurt, fresh fruits, angel food cake sugar free gelatin, pudding made with fat free milk and frozen fruit juice bars. One serving of each of these items is approx. 150 calories and 0 to 1 gm of saturated fat
Can I skip meals to save calories?
Skipping food will not help you to consume less calories in fact you will feel hungry and next meal you will overeat. It is always better to have small meals at regular intervals. In longer run you will start consuming lesser calories with three small meals than with one or two large ones.
If you are diabetic than it is most essential to spread your meals and the overeating will disturb blood sugar level also.
I've read that cutting carbs is unhealthy, but all my friends are losing weight by doing it. Why shouldn't I?
You will be able to maintain your weight loss when you don’t have to eliminate a single food group permanently. Cutting carbs might result in quick weight loss but remember your body can not function without carbohydrates for very long. These type of diets may abuse you but studies show that after 12 months they provide no greater weight loss benefits than a typical low calorie, low fat diet. Remember slow & steady wins the race.
Is it true that eating after 8 a.m. Makes you put on weight?
Possibly our body burns more calories when it is active even when it is restful, so if you binge on food at evening time and after that you are not active even all those calories will turn into fat but weight loss depends on your intake of calories minus calories burnt throughout the day & not within a limited time frame. So keep an eye on overall intake of throughout the day.
I've heard that cutting sugar from my diet can help me lose weight. Is that true?
No one type of food will make you gain or lose weight but cutting down on sugar will surely consuming lesser calories.
There are few more facts relating to sugar which you should know. Sugar contains calories and is digested quickly so you start feeling hungry again it raises insulin level which promotes fat storage. There is another aspect to it sugar consumption is addictive because it raises the level of serotogin-ine feel of chemical in brain which makes you stress free. That is why keeping yourself away from sugar is so tough.
To reduce the crabs, go for healthy options like fruits which will provide you vitamins minerals & fiber. You will be quite free to save yourself from raised insulin level. Go for other stress busters to lead a healthy lifestyle.
When i eat more than i need what happens to the extra calories?
Extra calories, means accumulation of fat in body resulting in weight gain. This is true that excess calories come from protein, fat, carbohydrates or alcohol.
What are the benefits of tofu?
Tofu is highly recommended these days because of its benefits. It is a good source of plant based protein that is cholesterol free low in saturated fat & high in poly unsaturated fats. Tofu is also known as Soyabean curds and has versatile uses in cooking.
Tofu is medically advised for those who are allergy to dairy products and animal products. It is a healthful diet for adults and children.
What are the benefits of triphla?
Corrects occasional constipation, cleanses and tonifies the gastro intestinal tract.
Detoxifies the whole body and improves digestion and assimilation.
It promotes normal blood pressure and blood circulation.
Promotes liver health.
Triphala is very effective in occasional digestive disorders.
Supports the bodys natural inflammation response.
Stimulates bile-flow and peristalsis.
Prevents aging, imparts immunity, and improves mental faculties.
I'm on a diet to lose weight. Do I still need to exercise?
Physical activity is like icing on the cake. It will push you towards appropriate calorie balance. Not only that, it will avert the weight from coming back after losing it.
I have a hectic schedule and cannot prepare exotic foods. Will i still be able to lose weight?
Our diet & plans don’t obstruct your daily life. We at “DietGhar” Prepare such plans for you. Which are simple to follow, home based food. So go girls enjoy! Have fun with your friends, family & colleagues. Eat according to our plans from the comfort of your kitchen, lose weight, feel energetic and full of life.
Does your diet makes me starve or will i be told to just eat one kind of food per day?
DietGhar does not want you to starve or to follow exotic diets which give you temporary results. Our aim is to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle through our scientifically balanced diet plans. They are customized according to you lifestyle. We don’t want you to make drastic changes.
I regularly travel and eat outside, will your program still help me?
Positively, we have a solution for frequently traveler too. DietGhar designs travel diet plans for you depending upon duration, destination and food availability. DietGhar will brief you on healthy snacks options when you are outside & hungry. We provide special travel tips to ensure right selection of food.
I have heard weight loss leads to dry skin and hair loss. Will i face these problems while being on your plan?
When our body is facing drastic drop in calories intake, problems like dry skin and hair loss might occur. On the contrary our nutritionally balanced diet plan will help you improve your skin and hair.
I have not exercised before; will i be able to exercise as per your plan?
Your workout regime will be taken care by DietGhar taking into consideration your fitness level and stamina. Intensity of the workout increases as the program is continued based on weight lose performance.
I am regular to gym so why do I need your plan?
DietGhar’s customized diet plans correlate with your fitness goals to give you best possible results.
What if I don't have any equipment for exercising?
DietGhar will design an equipment free workout for you or if the need be than small minimal equipment like yoga mat. Swiss ball etc. will be all required by you.
DietGhar will design an equipment free workout for you or if the need be than small minimal equipment like yoga mat. Swiss ball etc. will be all required by you. Do you need to exercise for 2 hours every day to lose weight?
DietGhar designs 30-45 minutes exercise schedule for you. It can reach up to 1 hour maximum. We never want to over exercise your muscles.
How often do I have to exercise?
3-5 days in a weak is all you need but depends on the goal you have set for yourself.
How do you work?
We ardently believe that healthy lifestyle can be achieved through Balanced Food and Nutrition rather than restoring to shortcuts like quick weight loss / gain diet , pills or use of suppliments.
What are the requirements to join?
Your constant allegiance and determination is all that is required.
How much weight can I lose with DietGhar?
There are various aspects to weight reduction regime. It is not a number game but your zeal to pull through weight loss depends on factors like :
  1. Your Body System
  2. Metabolic Rate
  3. Physical Activity

Our aim is at "FAT LOSS", for your satisfaction we would like to tell you that you will be losing around 3-4 kg weight and inches per month. It is also to be kept in mind that spot reduction is not possible because body loses fat proportionately rather than from specific areas. Spot reduction is not possible only through surgical intervention which is not wise.
Your diet plans will be devised keeping in mind your eating habbits, medical history, body analysis and lifestyle. So they will be totally personalized and customised.
Do you guarantee weight loss?
We guarantee to give our best support and guidance to every client. Your dedication and motivation bring results! Our clients are ready to share their success stories with us on our official facebook page : Click here
Do I need to do anything else except following the diet?
Moderate exercise like walk ,brisk walk, cycling , jogging , cardio , gyming or skipping will boost up the results. If you have already opted for exercise plan then we provide you with some simple home based exercises which are totally in sync with your age and body weight.
How long does the programme take?
A typical plan has duration of three to nine months but dependency of success lies on how much you stick to your diet plan and how much weight is to be reduced.
Do you use medication/product in your weight loss program?
Strictly not. We are against supplements to achieve weight loss. They deprive your body of essential vitamins and minerals. On contrary our diet plan helps you build up your immunity, improve the texture of skin, eradicate dullness and may restrict hair fall.
Can weight loss program be taken if i have health issues like diabetes or hypertension?
Certainly, If your doctor recommends and advices for it, our home based cooked items are simple to follow and extremely safe to have.
Why exercise services costlier than diet chart?
Exercise is a wonderful tool to burn calories. You are required to burn specific amount of calories. Our exercise schedules are well equipped to do so. You can also lose by jogging and running but exact time and duration will be important to get desired results. So, we specially design them for you by calculating each aspect and making them easy to follow.
Do diet plans work well with gym exercises or the results are temporary?
Our diet plans are specifically designed in such a way that along with them just 45 minute walk or some light stretching exercises are good enough. If someone desires to target some particular areas then we help them to do it by some simple home based exercises, whereas if somebody is already working out in gym and wants to continue then our proper diet plans will help them lose weight while conserving their energy and immunity.
Who comes to DietGhar?
Anyone and everyone planning to reach a certain fitness goal is welcome to join us. We have provided diets to people with different requirements. Our team has helped clients with varying goals and health concerns, some of which include:
  • Women with PCOS/PCOD related weight gain
  • Women with Post-partum weight gain
  • Teens and young adults with stubborn weight issues
  • Pre/Post-menopausal women
  • People with diabetes and thyroid related weight gain etc.

OTHERS have succeeded. You can too.
How successful are your programs?
Our plans are designed by nutrition experts, keeping in mind the individual requirements and metabolism, health issues, and personal goals of each client. Services like alterations in food options and customisations are also provided upon request. These services not only bring out great results, but also give you the liberty to satiate your taste buds, all the while losing weight! Isn’t that great?
Which is better fat loss or weight loss?
Focus on fat loss, not weight loss. When the body fat decreases, you automatically lose some weight. And you will feel confident by knowing that not only you have come down on numbers on the scale but have lost the bad fat.
Body’s weight automatically reduces when body fat is decreased and this is the right manner to lose weight. Your confidence will build up by knowing that you have burnt unwanted fat and weighing scale is going back in numbers.
How to maintain weight and healthy lifestyle in daily life?
  1. Target FAT loss not weight loss. When you lose weight, you also lose muscle mass + body water + bone density + weight from other body parts. Hence FAT loss is what we should be aiming for.
  2. Eating healthy & exercising moderately is the ideal way to lose weight.
  3. Eating right instead of dieting will save you from the cycle of gaining & re-gaining weight. Eating right should be part of your lifestyle.
  4. Your initiative will get you started and your passion will keep you on track.
  5. Don’t chase misleading claims like LOSE WEIGHT QUICK!!! It might sound good but it’s totally a misconception because even if you lose initially but in no time you’ll gain more than you lost. Actually the safest way to lose weight is not more than 4 kgs a month.
  6. Liposuction, laser etc. are therapies that burn a hole in your pocket and are not advisable as they involve physical alteration to your body.
  7. A daily walk of 45 minutes can make you lose 1 kg per month. However it’s a different story for women.
  8. Weight loss can be easy if we set our mind for it. First of all, when you get up in the morning just say goodbye to your smartphone for one hour or any other suitable time in day & go for a walk, jog, cycling, climbing & skipping.

If you are determined then you will definitely achieve your goal.
  1. Don’t explore diet plans on google because everyone has different metabolic rate & digestive system is also different.
  2. A diet chart cannot fulfill everyone’s requirement.
  3. It might harm you instead of being useful.
  4. Please consult a certified dietician or a nutritionist who can make plans & customize it according to your body analysis and medical history.
Why can't women lose weight like men?
  1. Metabolic rate of women is slower than that of men, lucky them!
  2. A female body is more prone to hormonal imbalances which restrict weight loss making the metabolism even slower. Lucky them again!
  3. A female’s body prepares itself for menstruation, pregnancy and menopause and during these stages hormones play a major role. This restricts weight loss. A man’s body doesn’t go through any of these, of-course you know, hence easier for them to lose weight.
  4. Research has proven that stress levels in women are higher than that in men. Researchers however did not comment on the fact that men are the primary reason for this stress) and we all know stress and weight loss are not friends.
  5. Research suggests that women burden themselves more with household problems. They always carry this baggage along with them, and eat out of stress. This also means that men don’t care much – I am definitely not saying this from experience!
  6. Emotions – high or low affect eating patterns, mood and behavior thus weight loss! It’s said that emotions run higher in women than men.
Is it better to exercise at high intensity for shorter periods or lower intensity for longer period?
A little of both or whatever works for you.
The best way to lose weight is to exercise consistently, If a higher intensity workout leaves you unmotivated or exhausted, work at the intensity that will keep you going. “Remember, weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint.”
Does strength training make you bulkier and gain weight?

Strength training can be modified to cater to your specific fitness goals. The answer to this question cannot be given in a simple yes or no, it rather depends on the goals you wish to achieve.

  • If you wish to build muscle and gain weight, then yes with properly formulated diet and exercise, you can do so.
  • If you wish to lose weight, and are following a calorie deficit diet as suggested by your nutritionist, then you can not only lose weight, but also tone your body very well with the help of weight training/strength training.
Will yoga help you lose weight?
Yes. Yoga and meditation have a tremendous potential to help weight loss, “When you’re practicing yoga, you create a disciplined lifestyle.” In addition to the healthy lifestyle choices it encourages, yoga also burns calories. Depending on the type of yoga you do, you can burn as many as 180 to 360 calories per hour.
I keep hearing how important exercises are for weight control, but when i see the number of calories that exercise actually burns, i feel discouraged. Is it really worth?
It can be discouraging when you look at a chart that says one hour of walking (at a rate of, say, 3.5 miles per hour) burns only 300 calories and that 30 minutes of aerobics burns only about 250. Instead, look at the cumulative effects and how those burned calories add up over time. “For instance, if you walked for one hour five times a week and ate exactly the same as you do now, you could lose about 9 kilos in a year’s time without dieting,” “Exercise also eases stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which can lead to overeating.”
My job requires me to be on toes throughout the day does your diet plan make me less energetic?
We customize the diet as per your calorie and nutrient requirement based on your daily routine.
What is the mode of payment?
DietGhar offers online modes of payments Online & Offline.

Online payments can be done online with your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Cash Cards and Wallet Services. (Optional)

Offline mode of payment can be done through NEFT/RTGS or Cash Deposit. You can request for offline payment at support @dietghar.com
How can I make payment?
DietGhar offers you a comprehensive list of payment options - Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, ATM card from all leading banks.
You can either choose to pay through any of these options or cash card AMEXEZECLICK as well.
Can I make payment by debit card?
Yes, we accept all Debit Cards issued in India
DietGhar accepts following Debit Cards options:
All Visa Debit Card
All MasterCard Debit Card
All Maestro Debit Card
Andhra Bank
Canara Bank Debit Card
Indian Bank
IOB Debit Card
Punjab National Bank
Union Bank of India
State Bank of India
Can I make payment by Credit Card?
Yes, we accept all Credit Cards issued in India.
Can I make payment by Net Banking?
Yes, DietGhar accepts following Banks for Online Net Banking option:
State Bank of India
Kotak Mahindra Bank
Axis Bank
Andhra Bank
Bank of Baharin and Kuwait
Bank of Baroda Corporate
Bank of India
Bank of Maharashtra
Canara Bank
Catholic Syrian Bank
Central Bank of India
City Union Bank
Corporation Bank
Cosmos Bank
DBS Bank Ltd.
DCB Bank Business
DCB Bank Personal
Deutche Bank
Dhanlaxmi Bank
Federal Bank
Indian Bank
Indian Overseas Bank
Indusind Bank
ING Vysya Bank
Lakshmi Vilas Bank
Oriental Bank of Commerce
Punjab National Bank[Corporate]
Punjab National Bank[Retail]
Royal Bank of Scotland
Saraswat Bank
Shamrao Vithal Bank
South Indian Bank
Standard Charted Bank
State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
State Bank of Hyderabad
State Bank of Mysore
State Bank of Patiala
State Bank of Travancore
Syndicate Bank
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
UCO Bank
Union Bank of India
United Bank of India
Vijaya Bank
YES Bank
What is cvv, cvv2 and 3d security?
CVV or CV2 code is a 3 digit number mentioned at the back of your card. This is meant for security purpose.
The 3D security code is like a password for online transactions done through Credit/Debit cards. You can check your bank’s site for more details.
Can i make payment from wallet services?
Yes, DietGhar accepts payments from following wallet services:
SBI Buddy
Jana Cash
The Mobile Wallet
Can i make payment by Cash Cards?
Yes, DietGhar accepts following Cash Card Options:
ITZ Cash Card
PayCash Card
ICash Card
Do you accept cash personally?
We are Online Consultants, incase you want to go for our Plan, you need to pay Amount Online or Offline. We don’t conduct any personal Meetings.
Do have cash on delivery?
No, we do not Offer Cash On Delivery.
I do not have credit card, debit card or net banking, can I still pay?
Yes, you can make payment through the following options incase you donot have Credit /Debit Card or Net banking option, it may be done through:
  1. NEFT (by adding the name of the Payee first and then transferring the required amount )
  2. RTGS (by adding the name of the Payee first and then transferring the required amount )