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Healthy lifestyle is your journey towards the desired Destination

Our community of beautiful clients has grown over the years, not only in number but also in their journey towards their desired physique.


Who are we?

We at DietGhar believe in promoting a healthy way of living. Our community of beautiful clients has grown over the years, not only in number but also in their journey towards their desired physique. Entrust us with your goals and we won’t disappoint you.

Get to know us

What can you expect from us?

We at DietGhar believe that every body is uniquely made and for the same, we expertise in making you your personalised diet along with a workout plan. Your health is our happiness. Our experts are here to motivate and help you in the best way possible, not only in terms of eating but also in terms of Living a healthy Body Within.

Trusted Services

We at DietGhar believe in keeping our clients happy. Client satisfaction and their wellbeing is our Prime concern. Your Trust in us is what makes us grow more and more.

Natural Diet Plans

Our plans aim simple home cooked food that can be easily managed at comfort of home without indulging yourself in any fancy or Fad Diets or shortcuts.

Personal Touch

Our Mentor as well as team of experts ensure that you are given timely service hassle free.

DietGhar ways to get in shape

Get personalised Diet and Workout Plans based on your goals!
Breakfast dish
250 Kcal
Lunch dish
450 Kcal
Dinner dish
700 Kcal

Ratio Nutrition

Healthy diet plans for different Dietary needs, Fitness Goals And preferences.


Meal Plans

Our diet plans are aimed at increasing energy levels to strengthen immune system.


Fit Body Form

Various workout videos available to make you fit and healthy at your home.

90 days of Practice

Want to change your life?

Personalised Meal Plan

Made considering clients requirements, choices, health conditions and Practical application of week wise meal plan according to their Body Type.

Get yours now

Pricing Plans

Tools for pros, Price for Everyone.

Test it for free, terminable on a monthly basis right from the start – set up your account for free and change your price plan at any time.



30 Days
  • Diet Plans
  • Workout Plans
  • Customised Plans
  • Diet Recipe
Rs. 1200/-


15 Days
  • Diet Plans
  • Workout Plans
  • Customised Plans
  • Diet Recipe
Rs. 600/-

What our clients say?

Healthy food for weight loss

The plan should always be such that one should never feel too much indulged in only cooking separate things for themselves.
Our diet plans are easy to cook, follow and include all the daily life delicacies without letting you feel deprived of your favourite food items!
Good health including both Weight loss and Inch loss is our main focus.
Plans are detailed and self-explanatory as well.
No extra cooking, no boring meals, no unhealthy ways to lose weight.
Join DietGhar to experience a healthy well being.

Did you know?

Eating More Protein May Boost Your Metabolism

Did you know that digesting food burns calories? And of the three macronutrients — carbohydrates, protein, and fat — protein burns the most. Research shows that increasing protein intake temporarily boosts metabolism by roughly 15 to 30 percent.

But more than that, a protein-rich diet encourages healthy levels of lean muscle mass to increase basal metabolic rate. Good sources include lean meats like chicken and fish, Cederquist says, along with dairy, whole grains, beans, lentils, and nuts. For the best effects, spread protein intake throughout the day.